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Same-Day Dentures
Same-Day Dentures
What This Means When You See It Advertised

There are trusted sources in northeast Ohio where quality, custom dentures can be made quickly for one affordable price. To obtain a list of dental professionals in northeast Ohio locations that have the ability to make quality, custom-fitted dentures quickly and at one affordable price, please click on the following link: Contact Us   
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It is common to see advertisements for Same Day Dentures or Immediate Dentures. Naturally, when you see an advertisement like this one, it makes you think that everything can be done to prepare, fit and make a set of dentures all in the same day, saving you a lot of time and return visits to your dentist. However, the process usually is much more involved.
When someone elects to purchase Same Day Dentures or Immediate Dentures, they are usually trying to avoid having to go without teeth for any period of time. Understandably for many people, the thought of having to go without teeth can be traumatic and may create extreme anxiety. 
Same-Day Dentures
Are Typically Completed Over Many Appointments
A same day denture is made prior to extracting any teeth. Impressions and measurements are conducted over a series of dental appointments. Then, after the denture is made (which could take up to 4-8 weeks if the denture is ordered from a commercial dental laboratory), another dental appointment is scheduled. At this appointment, the teeth are extracted and, the same day denture is immediately inserted into the mouth. Thereby avoiding any period of time without teeth. 
Same-Day Dentures Are Temporary
Unfortunately, Same Day Dentures or Immediate Dentures are temporary. In three (3) to six (6) months time, they usually become loose and uncomfortable. At this point, a more permanent set of dentures must be made at an additional cost to you. 

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